IMI — Representing Indian Music Industry worldwide

Membership for IMI is ON HOLD.

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  • IMI represents the collective interest of members on local and international issues.
  • Individual IMI members need not focus on legal or antipiracy issues concerning the collective industry.
  • IMI members regularly receive information on trends and changes in the music industry in India and across the world.
  • IMI Members can access to all industry related data and market research conducted by the IMI or its affiliates.
  • Members benefit from collective enforcement action against copyright theft in both physical and digital environment.
  • Regular information on legal cases being decided regarding music copyright issues.
  • Lobbying for changes in copyright laws in the environments of both digital and physical formats.
  • Formulating strategies for lobbying and advising legislative bodies, national government and international agencies such as the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO).
  • Meeting with senior government officials to facilitate changes at central and local levels.
  • Regular communications with the media to project industry-related issues.
  • Regular meets with regional companies to debate and formulate strategies on local issues.
  • Working with Technology partners government and all stakeholders to ensure better valuation of music.