IMI — Representing Indian Music Industry worldwide
  • To apply for certification, the applicant must be a member of the IMI.
  • The revised certification norms go into effect w.e.f. Jan 1, 2016, and only tracks/ singles released on or after Jan 1, 2016 are eligible to apply for certification.
  • The applicant must present audited and certified transaction reports to support the certification sought. The report(s) must be vetted by a qualified chartered accountant.
  • Applicants are to submit their application along with supporting documentation and below payments as required to Ms. Supriya.
  • Certification charges.
  • Paper Certificate: Rs.5000/certificate.
  • Plaque: Rs. 10,000/Plaque
  • Documents will be verified and certificates will be processed within 45 days from the date of receipt of compete documents and payment.